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My work is a visual response to the world we live in, its interconnectedness and interactions, its beauty but also its disturbing truths. It's a measure of time, a sentiment, an acknowledgement of our existence. As a woman, this leads to work that is delicate and profound, while also droll and critical.

Painting & drawing are a means for me to raise critical questions about our shared humanity and to engage in meaningful conversations about issues that move me.  Using mixed media, bold color, simple line, form, symbols and cultural references, I explore the human condition and address the diverse and complex realities that make up our social fabric, whether conscious or unconscious.

I am always seeking to understand my mind and its place in the world, and I realize that my subconscious can be more powerful and authentic than what I may be able to express consciously. There is an energy that needs to be revealed on paper or canvas, and I am but a conduit - often through automatist technique - that allows it to be seen.


Interested in acquiring a piece or collaborating on a project?

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